NNNNN x Telegrafía #0005

Sat 21 Oct | 7:30 pm

Live sets:

Oceanic vibration//electronic creations
Fish slipped, gill kissed and burbling a watery lull, the sonorous wobble of our deepdeepdeep sings this: Fish mouths open in a riotous gawp. Fish lips twisted in a heavenly contort.

Timothy Tate
Harnessing the unwanted sonic utterances of circuit-bent obsolete recording technologies and hand-built electronics, weaving them into unstable and undulating sonic landscapes. 

Death Librarian
The sonic custodian of books of the dead, books of life and unwritten diaries.

Mixing melancholic, electronic and analogue techniques to generate and amplify resonances, tensions and interferences.

Expressive cinematic soundscapes performed on synthesizer and pedals.