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Band Rehearsals

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Included backline:

Available upon request:

  • Tama Double Kick Pedal
  • Active / Passive DI Boxes
  • Squier Telecaster Guitar
  • Yamaha RBX Bass Guitar
  • Casio Electronic Keyboard

On-site technical support is available to set up and assist your session.

Regular slots are also available, please get in touch to enquire.

Band Rehearsal Rate:
£18 per hour

Drum Practice Sessions

5pc Drum Kit incl Snare & Cymbals
PA System for playback
Iron Cobra Double Kick Pedal available upon request
Drumsticks & Ear Defenders provided

Drum Practice Rate:
£9 per hour

Actors’ Rehearsals

5m x 7m rehearsal room with adjacent dressing room
PA system for sound playback
Tables & chairs available for use

Actor’s Rehearsal Rates:
£18 per hour
Sound/Lighting Technician available for additional £18 per hour