Mixing, Mastering & Production Services

Check out our range of remote studio services below. Special rates for package deals and large-scale projects – contact us for more details!


Have your songs expertly mixed by Telegrafía chief engineer, Tyrian Purple, utilising a hybrid workflow of in-the-box digital tools, plus an array of hardware EQs, compressors, FX processors and secret-sauce techniques, before finally being summed together in the analogue domain.

There is no preset-bashing here; every mix is bespoke and meticulously tailored to your material, ensuring that your tracks are given a timeless quality which stands out above the rest, not just another carbon copy.

Digital stems can also be dumped onto the Otari 24-Track Tape Recorder and then re-captured at high resolution into the digital domain, providing a silky, high-class sound full of musical colour. If you’re looking for even more analogue heat, this can be achieved by cooking your tracks through the valves and transformers within our choice collection of vintage analogue toys, reproducing the authentic sound of classic garage rock or unearthed lo-fi demo tapes.

Your mix is also continually referenced between three different sets of speakers to ensure it will perfectly translate on any playback system.

Each delivered mix includes up to two revisions. Get in touch today to discuss your project!

Mixing Rates:
1 – 2 tracks = £240 per track
3 – 4 tracks = £180 per track
5+ tracks = £150 per track


Using a combination of digital and analogue tools, we can give your tracks the finishing touches needed to ensure an impactful and well-balanced sound, before preparation for their final medium.

Digital: As standard each track will be normalised to optimal loudness and dynamic range levels for digital streaming and download. We’ll return your masters as WAV files at the same sample-rate and bit-depth as they were supplied.

CD: For pressing to CD we can create a DDP file for supplying to your preferred manufacturer. This will include embedded ISRC codes, CD text and appropriate track gaps. We will also normalise the audio to a suitable loudness level (if different from the digital version), and if necessary perform conversion to 16-Bit / 44.1KHz.

Vinyl: If you plan on pressing to vinyl, you will need to have a dedicated audio master made specifically to prepare it for the cutting needle. Everybody loves the unique warmth and character of music on vinyl, but this century-old technology also requires that the source material adhere to certain parameters in order to get the very best out of the format. Our engineers are seasoned experts in vinyl mastering and production and can work with any genre and material.

We can cut your vinyl lacquer master discs using the venerable Neumann VMS-80 cutting lathe, and includes a dedicated vinyl pre-master at no additional cost when ordered alongside our digital mastering service.

We can also arrange the full pressing and packaging for your vinyl release with a range of bespoke options, plus total oversight and quality control at every step of the process.

Option paralysis?? Feel free to get in touch to discuss your project and your requirements, and we’ll be glad to assist you through the process.

Mastering Rates:
1 – 2 tracks = £60 per track
3 – 4 tracks = £45 per track
5+ tracks = £39 per track

DDP for Redbook CD = £36
ISRC Code Registration = £1.50 each
7″ Vinyl Lacquer = £135 per side
10″ or 12″ Vinyl Lacquer = £195 per side

Guitar & Bass Re-Amping

Are you working on a home recording production, but the stale presets and limitations of amp simulation plugins getting you down? Try our remote re-amping service to inject life and dimensionality into your DI guitar and bass tracks.

Real valve circuitry, real spring reverbs, recorded LOUD in our live room using high-end studio microphones and pre-amps. Bring the sound of our studio to your home production.

Either send us a reference track for the sound you’d like to approximate, or we can dial in a tone that we think best suits your material, utilising our choice selection of amps, cabs, pedals and microphones.

Each re-amped stem will be delivered as two individual close mic tracks – perfectly phase aligned – plus a stereo room track.

Re-amping need not only be for guitars! It can also be used as a great effect on vocals, drums, synths or any other element in your production. Consider how re-amping can unlock new creative horizons – get in touch today to discuss your project and ideas!

Re-Amping Service Rate:
£21 per stem

Vocal Pitch Correction

Pitch correction of vocals is nowadays an essential part of any modern production. It is a great way to rescue an otherwise good take which strays out-of-tune at crucial moments. But an already-strong vocal recording can also be elevated to grammy-winning performance with subtle digital pitch correction. The result is a vocal that carries the melody and lyrics with confidence and consonance.

Digital pitch correction needn’t equate to “robotisation”; these unnatural artefacts are often the result of over-zealous use of the “automatic” function of pitch correction algorithms. Quicker and easier, yes, but at the expense of the true soul of a performance.

Instead, allow our expert engineers to retouch your vocal takes with care, reinforcing the musical intention within your vocal tracks while preserving all the articulation and detail of the real human performance.

It is recommended that you provide vocal stems in their “raw” form, without any compression or other post-processing applied, so that the pitch-corrected stems can easily be dropped back into your mix in place of the original. If you have double-tracked vocals or harmony parts please also provide these each as individual stems.

Vocal Pitch Correction Rate:
£18 per stem

Analogue-ification : Tape Transfer and Summing

If you’re working on a track in-the-box and feel it could use some true analogue vibe, send it to us and we’ll analogue-ify it!

This can be done in a variety of ways:

Your finished stereo mix can be transferred to 1/4″ 2-track tape on our Revox A77, passing through the transformers and preamp circuitry on the way in, and then be digitally recaptured at high resolution with the pleasing analogue colour and saturation baked in. The result is a thick low-end, smooth high-end, gluey dynamics and a three-dimensional soundstage. It can miraculously transform any digital mix to suddenly sounding “like a record”.

Alternatively, you can send us up to 24 individual stems, which can be transferred to 2″ tape on our Otari MTR90 MkII machine. As if like magic, drums get punchier, bass gets phatter, guitars and vocals richer and more present. We’ll then recapture the results back into the digital domain at high resolution for you to finalise your mix with euphoric ease.

We can also run your stems through our beloved Soundcraft Ghost analogue mixing console, applying tasteful usage of the on-board SSL-like EQs, and combining all the elements with true analogue voltage summing.

Finally, we can provide a full service combining all three of these processes – first transferring individual stems to 24-track tape, summing on the analogue console, then recording the final stereo mix to 2-track, transferring from tape-to-tape. This, in effect, reproduces the exact signal chain from the golden era of 20th-century record making, cascading the influence of several stages of finely-tuned analogue components, embedding beautiful warmth and colour that brings your tracks to life.

Fancy digital plug-ins can only get you so far. Get the sound of the real thing, still unmatched by any emulation software.

Analogue-ification Rates:
24 Mix Stems, dump to 24-Track Tape = £24 per track
Stem Mix & Summation on Analogue Console = £24 per track
Stereo Mixdown, dump to 2-Track Tape = £12 per track
Full Process = £51 per track